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  • Neil Anthony Swanson

    Neil Anthony Swanson

    “It was a fool’s errand.”

  • Brett Arden

    Brett Arden

  • Pir Aga Mir

    Pir Aga Mir

    H.H. Pir Aga Mir is a Sufi teacher. He spent much of his adolescence living in caves. He recently left isolation after visions of societal collapse and rebirth.

  • Marina Martinez

    Marina Martinez

    Global sustainability researcher. Writing about the controversial relationships among People, Nature, and Economy.

  • Dee Romesburg

    Dee Romesburg

  • Kirsi Jansa

    Kirsi Jansa

  • Stephanie Dee

    Stephanie Dee

    You wouldn't believe it if I told you..

  • fredermlichpanama


    Scientist since the early 1960s; I'm just cranky enough to give it to you straight. it's a Population Overshoot problem.

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