by LaUra Schmidt & Aimee Lewis Reau, Good Grief Network Cofounders

Dear Waking One,

The world is burning, literally and metaphorically. The soles of our feet feel the flames. Heat seeps into our lungs and smoke makes our eyes water. Do you feel it? Do you question how we’ll ever…

by Laura Johnson | PhD | Lecturer at Humboldt State University

The deepest and darkest parts of each night
since my daughter was born some months ago
I’ve spent startling from fleeting and sweaty sleep,
hand darting out instinctively, holding my breath
as I search for hers.

Finding that soft…

by LaUra Schmidt** | Founding Director of the Good Grief Network

TW: Suicide, Mental Health Struggles, Systems Collapse

“There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep and still be counted as warriors.” Adrienne Rich

“People say we’re all seeking a meaning for life. I don’t…

By LaUra Schmidt| MS | Co-Founder of Good Grief Network

Aimee and I bring our dogs to a nearby lake a lot in warm temperatures. The dogs run and play and Aimee and I soak up the sun, hug trees, and listen to the mini waves roll in. …

Good Grief Network

Building personal resilience & strengthening community ties to help combat despair, inaction, eco-anxiety, and heavy emotions in the face of systemic probs.

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